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Introducing Paul Knight, an accomplished director and director of photography whose exceptional storytelling abilities and meticulous attention to detail have established him as one of the most skilled and seasoned professionals in his field. With five years of experience, Paul has refined his expertise and is renowned for his extraordinary work ethic, outstanding communication skills, and impressive creative talent.


Upon graduating from Canisius College, Paul Knight utilized his education to excel in his craft. His multicultural background offers a distinctive perspective, enabling him to imbue his projects with empathy, understanding, and precision. This blend of talent, education, and cultural insight has led to Paul becoming a sought-after director and director of photography, celebrated for delivering first-rate results efficiently and accurately.


At the core of Paul's success lies his unwavering dedication to his craft. He demonstrates a relentless drive to create, perpetually pushing the boundaries of what is possible and consistently exploring new and inventive ways to tell stories. Whether working on a large-scale commercial endeavor or a small, independent film, Paul Knight's passion and commitment are evident in every frame.


In addition to his creative prowess, Paul is recognized for his remarkable leadership abilities. As a natural communicator, he can elicit the best from his team and inspire his colleagues to reach new heights. Paul believes that exceptional work is a collaborative effort and consistently strives to foster a positive and supportive work environment where everyone can flourish.


​If you are seeking a director, photographer, cinematographer, or director of photography who possesses a passion for storytelling, an eye for detail, and the talent, experience, and leadership skills necessary to bring your project to life, Paul Knight is your ideal candidate. His expertise, devotion, and dedication to his craft make him the perfect choice for any project, regardless of size or scope. With his unique ability to capture the essence of a story through exceptional visuals and compelling narratives, Paul Knight will undoubtedly elevate your project to new heights.

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